See the beauties of London first hand

See the beauties of London first hand

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There is no point in trying to convince anyone to visit the great capital of the United Kingdom. The reasons are obvious to anyone anywhere. But more information is found at London airport transfers that can help you discern between the different places and things to see within the city, depending on your own point of interest, knowledge, curiosity and fascination.

Many tourists go simply because they are a fan of a British rock band like The Beatles, Queen, or Rolling Stones. Such tourists, like the Beatles fans, expect and can have the opportunity to see the Abbey Road Crossing and studios, the locations where the Beatles movies were filmed, Paul McCartney’s house, the apartment where John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Ringo, and Jimi Hendrix lived in at a certain time, and the band members’ hangout places. For an eager fan, this experience can prove to be a true thrill that will make one’s dreams a reality.

If you wish to see London in a different light, then there is a special tour that can fulfill that desire perfectly. The “London by Night: 90-Minute Open Top Bus Tour” is basically a bus ride through the city during the night.

The bus passes famous landmarks such as Big Ben, The London Eye, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, just to name a few. These landmarks are lit up at night and give a whole new different aura to the capital, one which is very seldom seen by most tourists, but is worth the experience.

Perhaps London is your dream town that you’ve been wanting to visit since you were reading about its castles in the children’s books. The Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace are all still standing strong and within your reach, should you want to visit these historical places. For the first time, these can become reality, when, until now, they seemed to be just make believe.

One tour worthy of the attention of music lovers is the “London Rock ‘n’ Roll History Tour”. This tour is a fully-guided mini-coach trip that lasts 3 hours. Sites that this tour covers relate to the Police, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and many more other bands. It’s a tour a music fan just can’t miss.

London is not only known for being the birth place of many great musicians, but also consists of museums that are breathtaking for lovers of art and history. The Garden Museum and the Design Museum are two of a kind.

Of course there are many museums with different themes that can satisfy any kind of tourist, even the athletes, as there is the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, the Twickenham World Rugby Museum and many others dedicated to different sports beloved by the British. The bottom line is that wherever you may be coming from and whatever you may seek, London has it and will please you greatly.

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