Forbidden history: Romulus, ascended to heaven by a light and turned into a god

Forbidden history: Romulus, ascended to heaven by a light and turned into a god

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The kidnapping of Romulus, founder of Rome, is one of the greatest mysteries of human history. Livy describes this strange event in his work, “Ab Urbe condita”.

The sky turned black, thunder and lightning seemed to predict the Revelation, and then, just then, the famous Romulus disappeared forever. After just three days, he returned and revealed a patrician how he fulfilled the will of gods and how he ascended to heaven, to live an eternal live.

Romulus (771 BC – July 5, 717 BC) and Remus (771 BC – April 21, 753 BC), the traditional founders of Rome, appeared in Roman mythology as the two sons of priestess Rhea Silvia; their father was Mars, the god of war. According to a legend recorded by Plutarch and Livy, Romulus served as the first king of Rome.

The story of his reign is simply fascinating, but the time of his disappearance raises many questions, that can hardly be explained, even today.

In the 38th year of his reign, in a summer day, he ordered the entire people to be gathered outside the city walls. The reason for this action it’s unknown, but what’s really interesting is that within minutes, the sky turned black, very strong thunder were heard and lightning struck the earth with an unusual violence. Everything was black, people were unable to see anything, so they were in panic.

They began to flee as if the end of the world was near. The whole scene lasted only a few minutes, then everything returned to normal. The only problem is that during these minutes Romulus disappeared and since then nobody has seen him. Or almost nobody, as a lucky patrician was chosen to convey the message that he subsequently received from the beloved leader.

Right after the disappearance, the chaos was installed. The politicians told people that Romulus was taken by the gods for being a brave man with many achievements. Few were those who believed this story, but things have delved further into mystery, when a patrician came in the middle of Rome square, swearing he saw Romulus.

He appeared to him in a white, extremely bright armor, and told his former subject he fulfilled the will of gods and all that has been written. That is, to establish an impressive city, dominated by virtue and glory, and then be raised to heaven and turned into a god. He also told the patrician that now bears the name of Quirinus and all Romans should glorify him.

The story is fascinating and reminds us of the Ascension of the Savior. Although some historians consider it just a story, it’s clear that on 5 July 717 BC something happened and bravest of the Romans was ascended to heaven, to live an eternal life, as a reward for his achievements.

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