Samsung Galaxy Alpha – battery life and sound quality

Samsung Galaxy Alpha – battery life and sound quality

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For any phone the battery plays an important part. This is why the people who has problem with Samsung phone battery are advised to go to the nearest GSM shop and procure an original Samsung extended battery.

In the following, we will talk about the battery life of Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

One of the things that Samsung Galaxy Alpha doesn’t inherit from Galaxy S5, even from S5 Mini is the life battery.

Samsung Alpha Galaxy has a portable battery of 1860 mAh, which is smaller than the one from the cheaper S5 Mini (2100 mAh), without discussion for better matching the narrow design of the phone. Even if it is capable to withstand for a day, it doesn’t reach the performance of almost 2 days of Galaxy S5.

Samsung also includes for this smartphone the very useful mode Ultra Power Saving in order to make things even more interesting, but there is no need of too many games or video streaming for the phone battery to drop low.

For general usage, that means internet browsing, games, checking Twitter account and watching little videos, Samsung Galaxy Alpha can withstand in safety conditions up until the evening, maximum a day and a half.

At an extreme test, running a HD movie continuously, it withstands 10 hours, an hour less than S5Mini in the same conditions and almost the same as iPhone S5. Considering how much Samsung can offer, it’s disgraceful that Alpha can’t offer an excellent battery.

The quality of sound and calls

The quality of calls is average. It’s neither bad, nor great. Samsung includes an option of reducing the sound in the settings for talk, but even without this one we find that the quality of calls is approximately clean and without interruptions.

Samsung has mixed a little bit the things concerning the speaker, moving it from the back to the bottom edge, near the charging port, almost the same as iPhone. Keeping the phone in the mode landscape there is the tendency of covering and suppressing a part of the sound.

What is even more deceiving is that Samsung Galaxy Alpha doesn’t come with any improvement beside S5 and S5 Mini. It is pretty noisy, but it doesn’t compare with Boom Sound speaker on the HTC.

Is it worth buying Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Samsung Galaxy Alpha evokes mixed feelings. It is, undeniably, the best looking phone that Samsung has come up with until now and it is, without question, a direct rival for iPhone 6.

The metallic frame is beautifully integrated in a design consisting mostly of plastic and from that point of view, this a step in the right direction. It is a thing that should have happened long time ago.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a good phone. It is a pity that it misses exactly the same essential features that S5 has.


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