How to choose the best used flexo presses ?

How to choose the best used flexo presses ?

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How to choose the best used flexo presses?As any other product, the printing equipments need special attention in the moment of their purchasing. Because the offer is so large, you can not possibly know how to choose best, especially when we talk about some used flexo presses. In this case may appear a lot of factors, that can interfere with our decision, making it harder.

Obviously, this kind of bargain may be advantageous for both parties involved, but only if both of them have something to gain. The owner of the used flexo presses gains the money, and the buyer has in his property the machine ready to be used in his own personal interest.

As normal, a short analysis must be done prior to the purchasing. What are the abilities of the printing equipment? How much the accessories cost? Are these accessories easy to find? Here is a big problem that too much people are not paying attention at.

Though some products seem to be the best on the market, and thought they might have a big known name with a history behind, that doesn’t mean that the product is perfect. Some of these products may put you in difficulty because the spare parts are hard to find, because once founded they are hard to get, and the cost sometimes for the entire process may be the equivalent of the printing machine price.

To make sure that you are buying the best product on the market, you may want to look also at the characteristics of each product. The ability to print, the number of sheets per hour, the type of ink used, these all are factors that you may need to take in consideration. Also, the number of the colours, that may variate, from 5 to 6 or much further than that it is a very important criteria.

The size of the machine, and the size of the printed paper, or any other material that you want to print, may be founded in the technical specifications of each products separately. In some cases we may talk about really good products, that are equipped with drying rooms, with the so called Doctor Blade accessories (needed to eliminate the extra ink from the printing process), or with a viscometer for the control of the viscosity.

Judging after each one of these qualities we can establish if the price is right. Talking about big size products, we can all realise that even the prices will be proportional with the size and the abilities of the product. Though a lot of people are looking only for new products, instead of the ones already used, the main advantage remains the price of the last ones, that is lower than the rest.

For that though you must look on the specialized market, such as This is not just a simple market, but a place where from all over the world the buyers and the sellers are meeting so that they can establish a close professional relation, that can bring anyone the much wanted profit.

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