A Greener Home Can Be Yours Today

A Greener Home Can Be Yours Today

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The cost of utilities today is consistently going up. From your water bill to your gas bill to your electricity bill, it seems there is no way you will be able to afford them if they go up much more. How can you fight back? Make your home more environmentally friendly and it will start to cost you less as well!

The easiest, most effective change is swapping out your light bulbs. If you use traditional incandescent bulbs, you have two options. The first is to switch to compact fluorescent bulbs, or CFLs. The problem with these bulbs is that they give off electromagnetic radiation and, if you drop one, they contain mercury which enters the air and can be toxic.

“A more expensive option is LED bulbs, which are now made to look exactly like their incandescent counterparts. They are often quite affordable, Energy Star rated, plus you can get coupons from your local utility company to make them even cheaper”, told us Victor, from Maison  Bois gamme In Design.

They last for tens if not hundreds of thousands of hours, meaning you spend less on replacement costs and have less hassle with bulbs going dark. They are also the most efficient option, potentially cutting your electricity bill by as much as 50%!

A Greener Home Can Be Yours Today
If you have lights on the outside of your home, install a motion detector so they only turn on when needed. As you pull up to your home, the light outside your garage can go on, lighting the way for you. The same can be done around the sides and back of your house so if an intruder approaches, the light goes on and they think you have spotted them. This keeps your home safe and ensures that no one will think you are an easy target.

It is important that all exits of your home, including windows, doors and vents, have adequate weather stripping on them. Apply it around doors and windows so that no leaking air can get in or out. Vents should be caulked so that they are sealed tightly around their edges. Look at the outside of your home so you can find any spots which might allow air to move in or out and then seal them up.

Choosing darkly colored shingles will help to heat your attic, but thanks to insulation, it won’t do much for the rest of your house. Instead, choosing lighter colored tiles will reflect the sun’s heat, ensuring your attic stays cool and your house can release its heat upwards.

This will cause a movement of air through your house from the basement up through the attic as the air heats up and moves upward, helping to heat or cool your house through and through.

Any change you make to your home which causes it to be more environmentally friendly will help you to save money as well. It will make your home efficient, comfortable and more enjoyable to live in. It will also benefit the Earth, and who can say no to that?

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