Paella Burners, Two Other Ways

Paella Burners, Two Other Ways

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In so many cases, people will find themselves owning many items that they feel they don’t really need. If, for example, an appliance in the kitchen just sits on the counter and never gets used, what’s the use of actually owning this appliance?

Some of you might be thinking, « I have so many appliances I never use! » You have to ask yourself why did you get that particular appliance in the first place?

Right about now, some of you are kicking yourselves wondering about your unused appliances; you might be in the process of planning on getting rid of them. You can give them away to a friend or family member who will put that item to good use. It’s also possible to sell them, for instance, on ebay or other online e-commerce website.

You can go the old school route and put a classified ad in the local newspaper. All of those options are good ideas in order to rid yourself of something you never use.

If it’s a really obscure equipment and super cumbersome to use, then it could be a good idea to get rid of it, and selling it seems ideal. This very same situation happened to one of my friends.

Paella Burners, Two Other Ways

This particular friend had a paella burner and actually, he used it once. It was for a small dinner party and it was an immediate hit because the evening was magical: a rockstar host preparing an organic, traditional and tasty Spanish meal. To boot, the whole ambiance and paella setup was a wonderful spectacle in itself.

The entire night was filled with entertainment, delicious offerings, lively conversation, an overall warm and friendly ambiance. Sadly, this was a one-time only event and the host has since then not planned any more parties of this sort.

Organizing and entertaining takes effort and often people don’t have it in them to do this on a regular basis. This means that appliance will not be used in the near future, if ever. So unfortunate! How about using the paella burner for other things. This way, you’ll be putting it to good use! Here are three ideas:

Grill – Instead of putting the paella pan on the burners, put a flat, cast iron pan and grill some vegetables or meat. If you use a large flat plancha-like grill and heat it sufficiently, you can prepare different foods (how about pancakes?) on the same grill!

Campfire – Hook up your burner in the wilderness and have a propane-fueled campfire. This might sound outlandish to some die-hard campers but stay with me on this. You can even roast marshmallows to make s’mores!

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