Men lose weight easier than women. Science explains why

Men lose weight easier than women. Science explains why

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How to lose those few extra pounds quickly and effectively? There is an ideal strategy? It seems so, but this strategy is different for men and women. Men apparently lose weight easier than women, and scientists know why. Find out below!

Between men and women are differences, but similarities too! Here, for example, a similarity: if we go to the beach, everyone, no matter of sex, we want to show great! Let’s make everyone turn their heads for us (and not from us). Summer has arrived and maybe we can prepare to go to sea, but we want to get rid of few pounds. How to get rid of them? By no means enduring hunger, because is the wrongest ‘strategy’. What can we do then?

Here begins the difference: scientific studies have shown how men and women lose weight better applying completely different strategies. What did australian researchers from Baker IDI Heart and DIABETES Institute in Melbourne to reach this conclusion?

They studied a group of 144 people, men and women, which they divided into two subgroups (each subgroup contained both men and women). The first subgroup was subjected to a constant diet, called CSIRO, where are consuming more protein, less fat and a moderate amount of carbohydrates.

The second group will be able to choose between three types of diets: one diet was CSIRO, the second was a mediterranean-type diet (ie more carbohydrates and more fat but less protein), and the third was the so-called ” South Beach ” diet with few carbohydrates, lots of proteins and fats, without limits on the number of calories.

After a period of six months found that men in the first group managed to loose about 6.2 kg, while those in the second group only 2.9 kg. Women, however, had the opposite trend. The first group had losed 2 kg on average, while those in the second group about 3. 1 kg.

Men lose weight easier than women

How that happened ? Researchers have concluded that men lose weight easier if they have a clear diet, with rigid rules, in which they know exactly what they should do; if they can choose, they fail to lose weight as much, as it will ” confuse ” the election. Women, in turn, lose weight more if they can choose and vary the diet – so, an elastic diet .

It seems that this behavior is caused by the different lifestyles of women and men. While men prefer clear, simple rules, like often in life, women need more imagination, including the diet. When, for example, have a family and keep a diet is much harder for a woman to have a rigid diet, making it easy to adapt the menu for the whole family and eat small amounts of food, so a varied diet, but with low calories. Men have greater problems with the amount of food, managing more difficult to keep a diet if not by clear and rigid rules .

How losed weight more men than women in the study done? It seems that men are slightly more fortunate when they make their mind to take a diet, usually the weight they want to lose is accumulated on their belly, and there are easier to take off than the extra pounds women gain on the thighs and legs.

So, you are ready for… a diet? Attention thus: men stick their list on the fridge, with clear and precise rules! Women, however, be careful on how much them put on the plate: can eat anything, but maybe it’s better, as long as them keep the diet, to use a small… plate.

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