What requirements must an industrial property meet?

What requirements must an industrial property meet?

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What requirements must an industrial property meet?Looking for a beneficial and a steady form of investment? The answer is than very simple : industrial property, an investment that meets both requirements.

It does not only offer security as a physical asset, but also a stable income for investors, especially in the markets where currency fluctuations and erratic changes in the real estate are common.That is why http://businesses-properties.com/industrial-property-for-sale-in-romania/  has a special section referring to this topic, helping you get your desired return on investment.

However,experts advise private investors when considering buying into the market to do it with caution, Diversification being the key, buying a commercial property directly can unbalance any investment portfolio, unless you have large amounts of investable money.The quality of the property, the lease profile and location should all be carefully assessed. Many property experts say that the biggest opportunities for investment lie in the regions, not so much in the capital.

Storage units, car washes and other special purpose property that is profit making for the owner or  from customers who use the facility are considered industrial property.  There are two types of developments: single-user and multi-user,that  may be classified as industrial property. A single-user site is meant to be used by only one occupier (for example, it can be a warehouse for manufacturing, a storage garage or a distribution center), while multiple-user developments are divided into strata-titled units. This depends on what you intend to do with your property, using it for your own benefits or rent it.

Once you feel confident that you have done a thorough research on the market and it is the right time to buy an industrial property, now should be the right moment  to start researching locations with more focus. If you want to buy industrial property, trucks and semi-trailers should have an easy access to it (close to or on a main road). The roof of the building needs to be high enough to allow forklifts and trucks to pass under and the gates also need to be wide enough to offer access for large machinery. It should also include staff amenities, such as toilets, even a small kitchen, and some space which can be used as an office.

Another important thing is that the design of the industrial unit fits the purpose of the intended end-user, which might not be the buyer himself.Generally, investors must know who their end-users are and their needs.

These include securing a good location meaning a unit within industrial estate with a good infrastructure and an expert in rules and market trends. Investors must also know the rules and regulations that concern industrial property, such as the allowable uses referring to the fact that the property can be used only for the specific types of activities for which they were created in the first place.

The investor must also consider that at least 60 per cent of the industrial unit has to be used only for industrial activity ( manufacturing, warehousing and production).

It is good to know that industrial buildings require smaller investments than an office or retail building but they are very industry specific, so the investor will have fewer options in terms of tenant pool.

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