Concentrate On Your Efforts To Stop Smoking Today

Concentrate On Your Efforts To Stop Smoking Today

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If you’re going to try to quit smoking, you’re going to have to do more than just make the decision. Your decision is going to get harder and harder to keep, and you need to prepare yourself in many different ways. Continue reading for some tips to help you think about and concentrate your efforts to stop smoking today.

Your plan should be a written plan. You can even keep a journal of sorts if you wish. This will help you write down your feelings and organize your thoughts. You should write down your reasons for quitting smoking as well so you can refer back to them when times get hard. You can write down your short-term goals, solutions, and you can help weigh your decisions this way.

When you’re recording your plan and your thoughts, write down the times when you want a cigarette the most. Brainstorm ideas for making sure you have it easier during these times. For instance, if you want a cigarette right before bed, think about another nightcap that you might enjoy. Perhaps you can take the dog for a quick walk, or maybe you could eat a nice little snack.

It should be mentioned that you need to watch your eating when you quit smoking. You are going to want to eat more, and like the nice little snack in the example, you should be thinking of healthy eating options. If you eat healthy and exercise, you shouldn’t have to worry about gaining weight when quitting smoking.

Exercise plays a very important role both in your health and your aim when you are putting down the cigarettes. You need to use exercise for both motivation and direction.

It can get your day started right, and it can help keep you busy. Think about what exercises you like to do, and start developing a solid exercise regimen to get your mind moving in the direction of health.

Whether you cut back on cigarettes first and use a stop smoking aid later is up to you. Each person is different, and you need to look into all of your options for nicotine replacement products.

You have your patches and gum, and of course now there are electronic cigarettes as well. You should speak with your doctor about formulating a solid plan. Ask about the medications that are available to help you quit smoking as well.

You should be drinking plenty of water all along to help flush out the toxins associated with tobacco. After you smoke your last cigarette and stop participating in nicotine replacement therapy, use tons of water and juice daily to help you flush the nicotine completely out of your system. The faster you get through this particular step the better.

Of course, as mentioned, this comes when you have stopped smoking and using nicotine completely.

Consider the advice that you’ve just read to increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking. You do want to be free of nicotine right? Think about your options, weigh the solutions mentioned, and start coming up with a good plan for putting down those cigarettes.

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