Preventing Cancer by Cutting Your Risk Through Food

Preventing Cancer by Cutting Your Risk Through Food

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Cancer can be inevitable, but it can also be preventable. Just by cleaning up your diet in a variety of ways, you can reduce your chances of developing cancer. The ideas below are simple to implement, yet are greatly effective, so dive right in!

When it comes to preventing cancer, your diet plays a huge role. Avoid fatty foods, preservatives and refined sugars, and instead fill your diet with vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. The cleaner your diet is, the better you will feel and the healthier your whole system will be.

Specific vegetables tend to lead to better odds against cancer. For example, eating produce like cauliflower and broccoli or brussel sprouts and cabbage seems to reduce cancer rates. Globe artichokes have salvesterols which have been shown in studies to keep cancer at bay.

Legumes also provide cancer-preventing benefits, so make sure to eat your lentils, beans and peas. They include protease inhibitors and saponins, both of which have been proven effective against cancer through many scientific studies.

When you want a sweet treat, turn to a bushel of berries. The combination of anthocyanosides and ellagic acid found in berries pack a one-two punch against a variety of forms of cancer. Pair them with a homemade ice cream (which uses honey instead of refined white sugar) and you’ll have an amazingly cooling dessert for a hot summer’s day.

When you need a light snack or a quick meal, turn to dark, leafy greens. Kale, spinach, bok choi and romaine are exceptional choices which offer you folate, high levels of fiber (which is also great for diabetics), and carotenoids. Top them with a low-fat dressing, such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar, some more vegetables and even a crumbling of feta cheese for the perfect lunch.

One thing you may not know is that both grape juice and red wine are full of resveratrol, and cancer prevention studies have shown that those who get a glass per day of these delicious drinks often have lower rates of cancer. One glass will do the trick, so don’t overdo it!

For healthy fats which not only fill you up, but also prevent cancer, turn to freshly ground flax seed. While eating seeds whole is of no benefit – chewing them isn’t good enough to break them down, so they tend to pass through your system whole – grinding them turns them into a form which your body can digest. They are full of alpha-linolenic acid, a nutrient which beats cancer before it occurs.

Once you make these simple changes in your diet, your chances of developing cancer will drop dramatically. While genetics and your environment may still play an unchangeable role when it comes to cancer, the more you do to better your chances, the longer and happier your life will be. So change what you eat and drink for the better and watch as your life changes. You will feel more energetic, happier and healthier, all of which will create the positivity you need to keep cancer away.

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