What To Do When You Find Out A Friend Has Cancer

What To Do When You Find Out A Friend Has Cancer

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It can be very devastating to find out that one of your friends has cancer. You may have this overwhelming desire to make things better, but you probably cannot figure out how to do that. If you really want to be there for them at this time, you should follow the advice given below.

The best thing you can do for your friend right now is listen. It is very difficult to find out that you have cancer, so you have to understand the hardships they must be going through. You have to forget about yourself for a moment and try your best to understand their emotions. Even if they call you at two in the morning looking for an ear, you should be there.

Once your friend starts cancer treatments, you should offer to help them with household chores. These treatments will leave your friend drained of all their available energy, so they will need a lot of physical help. Do a few loads of laundry, cook them dinner and/or help them take care of their pets. Your friend will be very grateful since these things would have probably been neglected otherwise.

Accompany them to their doctor’s appointments. Sometimes going to a doctor’s appointment can mean bad news for a cancer patient. This is why you should try your best to be there.

In the event that they hear bad news, you will be right there to give them all of the support they need, It is also a good idea for you to be there so you can understand more about the disease and how it progresses.

Do not treat your friend as if they are a totally different person. While getting a cancer diagnosis is a life-changer, they are the same person you have always known. When you spend time with them, every conversation you have should not be about cancer.

It is a good idea to continue laughing, joking and talking about normal things. This is one thing that most cancer patients will really appreciate. It gives them the sense that there is more to them than their disease.

Give them space, even when you feel like they need someone to be there. When you first find out a friend has cancer, your natural instinct may be to smother them with excess attention.

This is not a good way to go about things, so avoid this at all costs. It is important to be there, but you must allow your friend to have some time to themselves. Do not get offended if your friend asks you for some space. because it may be about them not losing a sense of independence.

The best thing you can do for a friend that is diagnosed with cancer is be there for them. There are a lot of trying times ahead, and it will not do them any good to go through all of it alone. Hopefully, you can use the information here to help you understand what you need to do at this time.

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